Definition Edit

Given a numeric set \textstyle \mathcal{N}, the diference distance is a distance function \textstyle DiffDis: \mathcal{N}\times \mathcal{N}\longrightarrow \mathbb{R}^+ such that \textstyle \forall x,y\in \mathcal{N}


Examples Edit

  • DiffDis(-2,4) = 6
  • DiffDis(2.5, -1.2) = 3.7

Normalization Edit

It is not possible when the range of \textstyle \mathcal{N} is not bounded, otherwise


Examples Edit

  • If \textstyle \mathcal{N}=\{0,1,2,\ldots,100\} \quad DiffSim(4,14) = 1-\frac{|4-14|}{100-0} = 0.9
  • If \textstyle \mathcal{N}=[-10,10] \quad DiffSim(2.5,-1.2) = \frac{|-1.2-2.5|}{10-(-10)} = 0.815

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