Definition Edit

Given a universe set E, the identity similarity function is a function IdSim:E\times E \longrightarrow \{0,1\} defined as

Failed to parse (lexing error): IdSim(x,y)= \left\{% \begin{array}{ll} 1, & \hbox{if $x=y$;} \\ 0, & \hbox{if $x\neq y$.} \\ \end{array}% \right.

This similarity could be applied to every set E but give no information about the grade of resemblance between x and y when they are different.

Examples Edit

  • IdSim(0,0) = 1.
  • IdSim(0,1) = 0..
  • IdSim(\mbox{'car'},\mbox{'cars'}) = 0.
  • IdSim(\mbox{'car'},\mbox{'auto'}) = 0.

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